NVHS Robotics Club

Metea Valley Summer Camps (2023)

Metea Valley will host three sessions of two-week long summer camps.  Go to metearobotics.com for more information and registration.

VEX Announces 2023-24 Game: Over Under

May 6, 2022 (DALLAS, TX)  — Following the conclusion of the VEX World Robotics Championship, VEX revealed a new game for 2022-23 called Spin Up

VEX games are consistent year-to-year in that it is played on a 12x12 field, pitting two robots per side.  However, the gameplay changes each year.  Over Under includes over 60 tri-balls being placed into strategic places on the field with a unique end game (the robot climbing on a pole).  See the video at right for complete details.

Check out the game manual as well here.