Thank you for your interest in joining the NVHS Robotics Club. Please complete this application by Friday, 8/30/19 at 5:00 pm. The application includes basic information, questions on your schedule, and some questions about robotics that both beginners and experienced people should be able to answer. For the robotics questions, it's advisable to type out your answers in another document (Google Doc or Word), then copy and paste into this form.

Historically, the club has generated many more applicants than places available for students. This application will help the club coaches with the most difficult aspect of running the club: selecting who makes it in and who does not. Unfortunately, limited equipment, funding, work spaces, and staffing mean that only a portion of the applicants will be selected to join the club. The student IDs of those selected students will appear on our website by 8:00 AM on Friday, 9/6. The first robotics meeting will be on Tuesday, 9/10.

Again, this application is due by Friday, 8/30/19 at 5:00 pm. Do not procrastinate--submit it well before the deadline. No late or un-submitted applications will be accepted. Be sure to click SUBMIT at the end.

Thanks for your interest in our Robotics Club!