• Public Safety Diver

  • Dive Tender

  • Boat Operator

  • Surface Support

  • Medic

  • Sonar Operator

  • Remotely Operated Vehicle Operator

How to Join

We are an Anchorage based team to allow for easy access to air transport around the state. If you are able to attend training, meetings and can be available for some missions as they arise your are welcome to apply to join the Team.

To join send us an e-mail at, come to a meeting to see who we are and then if you would still like to join our team:

Each new member requires an interview. The interview will be conducted with the majority of officers present and at the earliest convenience. The intent of the interview is to expose the prospective member to the team's mission and requirements. (prospective members must be at a minimum 18 years of age.)

After the officers feel they have asked sufficient questions, the prospective member will be asked to leave. The officers will make their decision and inform the prospective member.

The following information will be discussed during the interview process:

Team participation - Attendance requirements for all call-outs, training, and meetings.

Type of calls

  • Evidence Recoveries

  • Vehicle Recoveries

  • Body Recoveries

  • Rescues

Alcohol and Drug Usage Policy

Explain the different levels of team member’s status- New Members, Members in Training, etc.

New member will also be informed that a background check will be performed due to possible evidence handling.


We are in the process of updating the qualifications for each position on our team.