Ordinariate Seminary of San Oscar Romero

The Ordinariate Seminary of San Oscar Romero provides higher education and practical training to candidates for holy orders, lay ecclesial ministers and those seeking incardination with the Ordinariate. The Seminary incorporates onlince distance learning, virtual seminars, in-person instruction, workshops, internships, and retreats to provide a rounded education meeting the needs of a diversifying ministerial base.

The Seminary is the official institution of higher education and preparation for the Ordinariate in preparing religious leaders for service in the Church and the World through scholarship, diversity and pastoral praxis. Google Classroom is utilized as the delivery method of instruction and coursework.

The Seminary endeavors to fulfill its mission through: ethical collaboration, embracing diversity, value scholarship, personal integration, and faithful service.

Associate of Theology

The foundational undergraduate degree for lay ministers intending to serve in the Ordinariate. (60sh)

Bachelor of Sacred Theology

An undergraduate ecclesial degree for those in formation or desiring to deepen their theological education. (120sh)

Master of Theological Studies

The theological degree for those in formation for the permanent diaconate or lay ecclesial ministry in the Ordinariate. (33sh)

Master of Divinity

The first-professional degree for those in formation for the priesthood of the Ordinariate. (72sh)

Doctor of Ministry

A professional doctorate culminating in a capstone project by those actively engaged in the Church consisting of 15 hours of coursework and 12 hours in the capstone project.

Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling & Clinical Psychology

A terminal doctorate offering intensive research training in the science of pastoral counseling and clinical psychology.


Admission to the Ordinariate Seminary may be granted to any of the following categories of person(s):

1) Those admitted to formation in the Ordinariate for holy Orders (intending to be deacons, priests, and bishops).

2) Those incardinated clergy who require further theological education and training.

3) The lay faithful who have been granted lay ecclesial minister status and require theological education and training.

4) Members of the clergy who belong to other independent Catholic, Orthodox or Anglican jurisdictions who desire theological education and training.

5) Men and women religious, consecrated, fraternal societies, society's of apostolic life or those who are vowed monastics who desire theological education and training.

6) At the discretion of the Rector, those from the general public who desire an independent Catholic theological education and training.

All students who request admission to the Ordinariate Seminary must possess a high school diploma or, its equivalent per residential state law(s), at a minimum.

Transfer Credit Policy

The Ordinariate Seminary will review all submitted transcripts from other institutions of higher learning who are listed in the Council for Higher Education Association [CHEA] database. Transfer credits may be granted for courses which are substantially similar to those required for degree completion in the Ordinariate Seminary for a maximum of 30 semester hours.

Financial Information

Tuition & Fees

  • Tuition per semester hour is $10.00USD

  • Initial Administrative Fee (one-time) is $10.00USD

  • Graduation Fee (diploma) is $5.00USD

Tuition is to be paid at the beginning of each course module and are non-refundable. Each student will be charged an initial one-time administrative fee once accepted into a program and is due at that time. Once a student completes their program a graduation fee will be charged prior to the conferral of said diploma. All fees are paid in US Dollars and are non-refundable.

Estimated Program Costs

Associate of Theology - $615.00 USD

Bachelor of Sacred Theology - $1,215.00 USD

Master of Theological Studies - $345.00 USD

Master of Divinity - $735.00 USD

Doctor of Ministry - $285.00 USD

Doctor of Philosophy - $TBD

Accreditation & Authorization

The Independent Catholic Ordinariate operates the Ordinariate Seminary of San Oscar Romero under a registered assumed name certificate issued by the Texas Secretary of State, and is a federally exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service under Section 501(c)(3) and is granted exemption from franchise taxation by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

The Ordinariate Seminary has been granted exemption (E5896) from the Texas Workforce Commission to operate in the state of Texas and is currently seeking exemption from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, from oversight, to award religious degrees.

The Ordinariate Seminary has been granted the authority to grant degrees in the state of Utah by the Department of Commerce - Consumer Protection Division: Postsecondary Proprietary Schools through an exemption. Registration #12432028-9982

The Ordinariate Seminary is currently seeking degree granting authority in the state of Minnesota - Office of Higher Education.

Federal EIN #83-0620574 - Section 509(a)(1) & Section 170(b)(1)(A)(i) public charity.

The Independent Catholic Ordinariate is a California Domestic Nonprofit Corporation, who was granted exemption by the Franchise Tax Board; and, is a registered Texas Foreign Nonprofit Corporation with exemption from franchise taxation by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

CAL Entity ID# C4145227; Texas SOS File # 803750710

The Ordinariate Seminary is currently not eligible to receive accreditation from any accrediting body; however will seek accreditation once it reaches eligibility.

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