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Understanding the Ordinariate

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The Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of San Oscar Romero [Independent Catholic Ordinariate] is an ecclesial body, quasi-diocese, that was created by the Governing Council of the Independent Catholic Ordinariate in June 2020 for independent Catholics and those seeking to be part of a smaller independent Catholic ecclesial community. Organized in California and operated from Texas, the Ordinariate includes clergy, parishes and institutes across the United States, and around the world. The Ordinariate's Pro-Cathedral and See is located in Fort Worth, Texas at Saint Anne's parish where the Ordinary canonically resides.
The Ordinariate is governed by its Ordinary and the Governing Council, who erected the Ordinariate in response to the needs of clergy and faithful who parted from the Orthodox-Catholic Church of America. The Ordinariate exists entirely within the context of the independent sacramental movement and not in communion with the Roman Catholic Church or canonical Orthodox Churches; being a unique ecclesial and jurisdictional community not subject to any diocese or other jurisdiction. Each parish has adopted the use of the Roman Rite in the celebration of Mass and all sacraments.
The Ordinariate maintains a distinct Catholic identity and heritage in celebrating the sacraments of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church throughout time and history. Parishes and religious institutions of the Ordinariate are free to adopt an approved liturgical rite (Western or Eastern) for its spiritual and religious needs while maintaining theological Catholicity.

The Governing Council

Our Apostolic Constitution [AC] outlines the role, function and ecclesial authority of the governing council. Within Section 1 of the AC, the Governing Council is recognized as the convened Synod who erected the Ordinariate and has the sole responsibility for electing the Ordinary.
Section 6 & 9, AC states, "The Ordinariate is governed according to the norms of universal law and the present Apostolic Constitution; and is subject to the Governing Council." And, that the Ordinary is granted power that is ordinary, vicarious, and personal which is exercised jointly with the Governing Council.
Ultimately, the Governing Council aides the Ordinary in the governance of the Ordinariate and exercises ordinary legislative and judicial authority on behalf of the Ordinariate in establishing Norms, Canons, financial policies and reviews all candidates for holy orders and incardination.
The Most Reverend John Paul Luft, StSAOrdinary
The Very Reverend Brett M. Banks, StSAVicar General & Secretary
The Most Reverend Jose CastroAuxiliary Bishop - General Steward & Chief Financial Officer
Mrs. Diana MoralesCouncilor (California)
Mrs. Eva L. TorresCouncilor (Texas)

Ordinariate Deaneries

At the discretion of the Ordinary and Governing Council, the erection of deaneries may be established to meet the pastoral needs of particular communities or geographical territories within the Ordinariate. To that end the following deaneries have been erected:
Deanery of Latin AmericaDean - The Most Reverend Jose Castro[all countries composing Latin America]
Eastern Rite & Orthodox DeaneryDean - Protodeacon, Reverend Father Thomas W. Wynn[all eastern rite and Orthodox parishes, communities and clergy]