2019 News

New participant to WWWPIC


Rainer Kiko, a long time collaborator of the plankton team at Laboratoire d'Océanographie de Villefranche (LOV) got awarded a prestigious Make Our Planet Great Again grant from the French government (he is pictured here during a reception for the program at the Elysée presidential palace in Paris). This will fund him for five years to work in Villefranche and we are very happy to welcome him to the team.

Given his involment in all things "imaging", we already invited Rainer and his PhD student, Martin Schroeder, to the WWWPIC kickoff meeting in Paris. But now that Rainer is a French government employee, he can formally be part of WWWPIC!

New plankton image datasets


We hired Louis Caray-Counil to sort images from the ISIIS instrument that were prepared by Thelma Panaïotis, a PhD student working on the project. This will enrich the collection of datasets hosted on EcoTaxa, one of the infrastructures that will be developed through WWWPIC. Louis sorted a dataset of ~72k images that will serve as a reference for the future classification of images from this instrument. Together with Thelma, they also laid the ground work to evaluate our image segmentation algorithms by carefully outlining known organisms on the original images from ISIIS.

This work highlighted some planktonic beauties like the delicate Physonect siphonophore displayed here.

Kickoff meeting


On July 8th and 9th we met at the Agence Nationale de la Recherche building in Paris with the two other laureates of the Belmont Forum SEI CRA call, to present our projects and think towards future interactions. It was a good opportunity for the WWWPIC to meet for the first time in person as well as to get to know the principal investigators of the other projects. There even was an exhibition of plankton photographs in the Jardin des Plantes (see picture), a good omen.

Then we sayed in Paris for an additional day and a half to meet with other WWWPIC partners and plan the more technical aspects of the project. Members of OBIS, UniEuk, EMODNET biology, and IFB were present, as well as external partners from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research. It was a very productive time and many plans were outlined. Now we need to carry them out!