Taxonomic guide for images


The infrastructure built through WWWPIC allows people to collaborate on the classification of large plankton image datasets. This is a huge step forward compared to everyone doing this on their own, on their private computer. However, this may still result in disparate datasets if people classify according to different criteria. To reduce that problem, we are developping a companion application to EcoTaxa, called EcoTaxoGuide, which will be an online taxonomic guide. It will contain one sheet per taxon, describing the characteristics to look for on the images to sort them in a consistent way. Because different instruments take images in different ways, a separate guide will be defined for each imaging instrument. It is a re-imagining of classic taxonomy books but tuned to the specificities of images and accessible in one click from EcoTaxa!

Under the supervision of A Elineau and M Picheral, in France, the development is going well and the first functional mockups are available. We aim for a first release by the end of the year.

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