Welcome to the

Soil and Advanced Foundation Analysis for Resilient Infrastructure (SAFARI) Research Group, IIT Jodhpur

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Dammala

Ph.D. - IIT Guwahati

M.Tech. - IIT Guwahati

Commonwealth Split-Site Scholar-University of Surrey, UK

SIRE Fellow - University of Illinois (UIC) Chicago

Assistant Professor 

Department of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering

Team Lead - SAFARI Research Group

Associate Dean - Office of Infrastructure Engineering (Civil)

Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, Karwar 

Rajasthan, India.

(O) +0291-280 1655




Vision of our research group is to enhance the resilience of infrastructure against natural and man-made disasters through comprehensive and careful consideration of soil behavior and design stable foundations.

Research Interests & Expertise

Physical modelling in geotechnics

Advanced element testing including bender element, cyclic simple shear, cyclic triaxial and resonant column

Seismic ground response and liquefaction

Numerical modelling in geotechnics

Pile foundations and SSSI

Offshore geotechnics

Sand dune stabilization in Arid regions

Sustainable Geotechnics