Current Courses: (2022)

MEL3050: Digital Fabrication (Third Year UG, Mechanical, Theory)

Previous Courses (2014-2021):

Specialized Courses:

  • MEL7090: Industry 4.0 Applications in Manufacturing Systems (Theory, Program Compulsory for M.Tech; Elective for B.Tech/PhD)

  • MEL7020: Smart Manufacturing (Theory + Practical, Program Compulsory for M.Tech)

  • MEL7310: Computer Aided Manufacturing (Program Elective for B.Tech/M.Tech/PhD, Theory + Practical)

  • MEL7330: Additive Manufacturing (Program Elective for B.Tech/M.Tech/PhD, Theory)

Undergraduate Courses:

  • ME314: Machining Science and Metrology (Third Year UG, Mechanical, Theory + Practical)

  • ME221: Casting, Welding and Forming (Second Year UG, Mechanical, Theory + Practical)

  • ME315: Production and Operations Management (Third Year UG, Mechanical, Theory + Tutorials)

  • ME617: Computer Aided Manufacturing (Core for M. Tech (ME), Open Elective for UG/PhD)

  • ME324: Industrial Engineering (Third Year UG, Mechanical, Theory + Practical)

  • ME111: System Exploration - Drawing (First Year UG, Core, Lab)

  • ME211: System Exploration - Workshop (First Year UG, Core, Lab)

  • OAE1020: Engineering Design I

  • OAE1010: Engineering Design II