Research Group

Doctoral Students:

Sunidhi Dayam

Clip-on Technologies for Devising Smart Manufacturing to Legacy Machines 

Aitha Sudheer Kumar

In-situ Inspection Systems System for Smart Manufacturing (with Dr. Chiranjoy Chattopadhyay, CSE)

Swarit Anand Singh  

Design and Development of Smart Inspection Systems

(PMRF Fellow)

Shubham Vaishnav  

 Machine Learning Based Hybrid Models for CNC End Milling 

Pratik  Sorathiya

Operator-Centric Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions for CNC Machine Tools

Dual Degree Students (M.Tech-PhD):

Darshan S

 CNC Milling of Composite Materials (with Dr. Abir Bhattacharyya, MT)

Neha Nagarkoti

Neonatal Care Solutions (with Dr. Neeraj Gupta, AIIMS Jodhpur)

M. Tech Students:

Mukesh Jindal

 Flow Optimization and Manufacturability Assessment of Upper Port Plug Diagnostic Shielding Module of ITER   (With Dr. Hardik B Kothadia) 

Padmiti Vaidik Eswar Datta

Ergonomic Issues with Head-Monted Augmented Reality Solutions

Prarit Singhal

 Digital Twin of Machining Operations


Ph. D 

M. Tech 


Research Interns 

Shricharan Shastry & Ritwik Avaneesh (October 2015 - March 2017): Development and Analysis of a Low-Cost 6-DOF Parallel Robot for Rapid Prototyping Applications (jointly with Dr. S V Shah

For Prospective Students:

Research positions are available in broad areas mentioned on the homepage for doctoral, postgraduate, undergraduate students and research interns in the areas mentioned on the homepage. The doctoral students are admitted at IITJ during the month of April-May and November-December each year. Interested students are advised to refer an advertisement on IITJ website and apply accordingly. Students may also write an eMail at to know about the ongoing research activities and projects of the group.