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Satish Regonda 

Associate Professor

Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering

Dept. of Civil Engineering | Dept. of Climate Change

IIT Hyderabad, Kandi - 502285, India

Tel : +91-40- 2301 6315 (O)

In brief, after masters at the IIT Kanpur, I pursued PhD at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Later, I worked with a group of scientists at the National Weather Service (NWS), NOAA, Washington DC. Then, had a short stint with the World Bank and Johns Hopkins university before joining the Civil Engineering department at the IIT Hyderabad in Feb 2017. Over the last few years, I involved in flood/seasonal water supply forecasting, climate and statistics as well as both in research- and real-time environments. I interacted with research scientists, policy makers and operational forecasters of both data-rich and data-poor regions. 

The main element of my research evolves around surface water, however, a holistic approach for better scientific understanding of surface hydrology and developing efficient solutions/tools that makes human life better at both short- and long- time scales are the chief thrust for my research. Currently, I am working on the Urban Flood Modeling, however, the following are a few more areas that I have interest/expertise, i.e., hydrologic data base development in India, scientific understanding of hydroclimatologic processes under changing/new regimes, increase water awareness across various stakeholders, hydrologic forecasting techniques/systems, products to assist in decision making, urban climate, statistics, R, Shiny, Drones and Google Earth Engine (GEE).