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Egyptian mummies:

March 2024

Our bilingual students of 3rd and 4th ESO visited the Caixaforum exhibition "Egyptian mummies: rediscovering their lives". They went on a guided tour and learned about the identity, customs and some aspects of the lives of half a dozen people who lived on the banks of the river Nile between 800 and 150 BC. In ancient Egypt they believed that the body had to survive death in order to reach the beyond. 

In addition to the sarcophagi and the bodies, the experts have been able to analyse aspects such as what the role of women and children was in Egyptian society and what cultural exchanges took place at that time using pioneering technology based on advanced non-invasive techniques and studies, without the need to unwrap the corpses. The research has made it possible to create a personal profile to find out who they were, how old they were and what illnesses they suffered from.

Each mummy has a story to tell that is accompanied by a collection of archaeological objects from the British Museum. 

Comic: dream and history

March 2024

Our bilingual students of 2nd ESO visited the Caixaforum exhibition "Comic: dreams and history". They went on a guided tour and learned about the origins and development of comics throughout the years. The exhibition features works by some of the most relevant comic book writers, as well as pictures of their most famous characters. 

Aljafería Palace

December 2023

Students of 1ºbachillerato explored the Aljafería Castle thanks to a guided tour. Built as a fortified palace for Islamic rulers in the 11th century, it passed into Christian hands in 1118. What an impressive fortress! It is worth mentioning that it is currently the seat of the Parliament of Aragon. 

Origami Museum Tour

November 2023

Our bilingual students of 1st of ESO visited the biggest origami museum in the world which surprisingly is based, not in Japan as many of them imagined, but in Zaragoza!

Through a fantastic guided tour in English, they had the opportunity to discover the works of some of the best Origami artists on earth, fold their own Origami, and even speak about their impressions of the museum in front of RTVE cameras.

Colours of the World

October 2023

Our students of 1st and 2nd of ESO who belong to the bilingual programme have visited the great exhibition "Colours of the World".

Located in the Caixaforum exhibition centre, this stunning collection of National Geographic photographs, surprises us with its ability to capture the different meanings of colour. Animals and plants, landscapes, ethnographic and cultural diversity ... A whole showcase of our colourful planet Earth.

City tour!

April 2023

Thanks to a walking guided tour, we got captivated by the wonderful monuments of our city! This brought us close to some of the most iconic corners of the city! Namely, the cathedral-basilica of Our Lady of the Pilar, the Central Market and the Exchange, the finest example of Aragonese Renaissance style. 

Spelling bee: junior competition

March 2023

Two of our 1st of ESO students: Anastasija NiKoloska and Hannah Seba took part in the Aragonese final. They did really well, coming to the 4th round (only 6 high schools out of 24 reached the 5th round). These are the words they had to spell: «dissipate, shady, thermometer and nephritic».

Good job!

Spelling bee: intermediate

March 2023

Our students from 3rd of ESO, Ashley Carrasco and Hana Strichovancova have participated in the 5th Spelling Bee Aragonese Contest. They have done it really well.

We are very proud of them!

English Week 

March 2023

Students of 1st and 2nd of ESO have lived an intense experience where human contact is the most important, fun is the common denominator and the English language is the rationale

It has been centered on the practice of English of school students with our native English speakers via an intense coexistence with them while performing a multitude of activities in the natural environment. 

B1 exam results!

 March 2023


Our 4th ESO bilingual students passed the exams with flying colours! We are so proud of them! 

Tattoo. Art under the skin

February 2023

Bilingual students of 2nd and 4th of ESO visited the Caixaforum exibition «Tattoo, art under the skin».

Through a guided tour in English they learnt about the origins of tattooing and the resurgence of this phenomenon, which is now permanent and global. The exhibition explores the uses and functions of the tattoo in different times and cultures, from ancestral practice to contemporary artistic creation.

Theatre in English:

January 2023

130 students of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of ESO went to «Centro Cívico Almozara» to watch the play «English? No, please!!» 

The story is about Pedro, a young Spanish boy whose dream is to become a rock star. He travels to London to participate in a casting, but he has got a problem: the language. The he will realize that learning English is really important and useful.

The importance of this story lies in the message NEVER STOP DREAMING: If you try hard you can achieve whatever you want. Follow your dreams and prepare yourself for them.

Origami Museum (December 2022)

Our 1º ESO bilingual students visited the Educational Museum of Origami in Zaragoza. They learnt about the history of the ancient art of paper folding and they even had the opportunity to create one figure in the museum´s workshop. 

Mammoth, the Age Ice Giant 

Bilingual students of 3° ESO ( 19th October), 1° ESO ( 20th October) and 4° ESO ( 26th October) visited the exhibition «Mammoth, the Ice Age Giant» in Caixaforum.

Through a guided tour in English they learnt about the lives of these fascinating animals, true icons of the Ice Age, which became extinct some 4,000 years ago.

The centrepiece of the exhibition is the impressive 6-metre-long and 3.5-metre-high fossilised skeleton of a real woolly mammoth.