Ecology Club

Boca Prep International School's Ecology Club

Our Purpose

The Boca Prep Ecology Club's mission is to promote green practices in the school and to maintain the school's annual Green School status.

2019-2020 Certification

2019-2020 Certification

2021-2022 Certification


Maria P.

Vice President

Weng W.


Chiara A.

Erik B.

Lucas G.

Gianni I.

Krish J.

Marton L.

Lorenzo L.

Grace P.

Rolandus R.

Vidmantas R.

Jada S.

Brody T.

Chase T.

Joao C.

Leland V.

What We've Done

Over the years, our Ecology Club has made Boca Prep greener through initiatives ranging from starting a recycling campaign to building an outdoor classroom. From these ecological improvements, Boca Prep's Ecology Club has managed to reach the the 'Green School of Quality' status.