2018 Hack League

#HackLeague is a fun academic competition inviting all NYC middle and high school students to learn, design, and build projects to help their community.

Using open data from their school neighborhoods, students will use CS practices of analyzing, prototyping and communicating, to address issues impacting their communities; connecting the dots between municipal data, civic technology, and civic engagement in the process of becoming empowered citizens

  • think with the computer, instead of using computers to simply convey their thinking.
  • Engage in computational thinking, problem-solving, creativity and
  • critical thinking.
  • collaborate and build relationships with peers,
  • communicate and create with technologies,
  • and better understand technologies we interact with daily


Phase 1 Design-a-thon (in school):



  • Identify an opportunity/problem/issue in your community and validate it with data.
  • Create a story using data to share about your community concern.
  • Identify an approach to addressing that concern.
  • • School Level Challenge: identify an issue in your neighborhood where there is an opportunity to make change and validate that hypothesis with data

Build/Prototype the project e.g.

  • Game
  • Campaign Website
  • Tool/Utility/App
  • Video Story
  • Data visualization

What issues would you like to bring to a community board?