Welcome to the Ichabod Crane

K-12 Counseling Department!

The Ichabod Crane K-12 Counseling Department is committed to fostering the growth of our students in the following areas: Academics, Career, Communication, and Social/Emotional.

Our School Counselors and Psychologists guide and support all students to help them reach their full potential academically and socially so that they become well-rounded, responsible members of society.

In case you haven't heard....

We are excited to tell you about something new that is happening this year Districtwide.

Each month, every building will be highlighting a character trait.

Though it won't look the same in all schools, there are common threads:

- each building will focus on the same character trait each month

- a bulletin board will be made with content related to the trait.

- the last Friday of every month will be FUN FRIDAY with an event or activity planned related to the trait in all buildings!

So far, we have celebrated: UNITY (September)


November's theme? GENEROSITY Stay Tuned!