Heron Way Primary School

Dear Parents/Carers/Staff and Children - welcome to our Heron Way site, initially set up to share information and celebrate the successes of our school while we were in lockdown! We have now moved to this site permanently. 

First of all, thank you so much for your continued efforts in maintaining such an outstanding response to the challenging situation following COVID.  The teamwork and sheer hard work that continues to shine through has been nothing other than extraordinary. Our successes in 2023 have shown that our children received the best possible support from their community - together we protected our children from being a "COVID Cohort!" 

The world faced a global emergency – one that none of us had ever experienced before. However, it’s in those small towns and villages, in the corners of the world, that you will find the heroes; and our school is one of those corners. We truly showed the resilience needed to see out unprecedented times and the spirit that makes our school unique presented itself on so many levels. I have always believed that our success is not measured by what we accomplish – it’s more about the opposition that we encounter and the courage we maintain to struggle against odds that seem overwhelming.  We will always continue with courage and we will always overwhelm those odds. 

We are very ambitious for our children and believe that our emphasis on high quality teaching is a key feature of our and their success. We spend a great deal of time ensuring that, as teachers, we are well prepared and we continuously learn and enhance how we teach to engage every single child.

We expect a great deal of hard work from our children. We value every individual within our school community, where all staff, parents and governors are part of a wonderful team that strive to ensure the best future for our children.

Heron Way Primary School is an innovative environment that nurtures and develops high aspirations, high motivation and high achievement for all. At the end of each day, we enrich our offer with a wide variety of activities, from extra sports and specialist clubs to extended support for literacy and mathematics.

We make a pledge to your child that we will excite them, challenge them and inspire them. Together, in partnership, we will learn how to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Thank you all for your continued support.

James Crump

Head Teacher


Contact Us:

Telephone:  01403 261944

Email:  office@heronway.org.uk


Heron Way Primary School

Heron Way 

Horsham  RH13 6DJ

School Day Timings: 8:35am - 3:05pm


Should you have any queries please contact a member of the Office (Sarah Crump, Becky Gallagher or Tina Donovan) and they will be more than happy to help you. 

year 2 windrush 23.MOV


Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Windrush. An amazing day singing and celebrating this historic British event. 

Heron Way Learning Cloud

Here you will find useful links to important learning resources such as: 

Google Classroom - Accelerated Reader - Nessy - First News etc. 

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Heron Way 

Staff Song

The staff at Heron Way Primary School sing "Sweet Caroline" to raise money for charity!