St Illtyd's Catholic High School Transition

Welcome from the Head Teacher

Mr D B Thomas

I am delighted to welcome you to our Transition site. It contains all the information you need to make your start in High School as smooth as possible and if you can`t find what you need - it points you in the direction of someone who can help. Everyone here at St Illtyd`s is looking forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve all that you can. See you in Year 7.

Please access our Year 6 Google Classroom for activities to prepare you for starting at St Illtyd's. You must sign in with your Hwb Account to access this and use the class code y452px7 If you have difficulty accessing this class please click here

We have created this site to prepare you for your next phase of education. There will be many changes for you when you come to secondary school.

Instead of having one 'Super Teacher' in primary school who taught you every subject in their own classroom, we have specialist teachers who spend all day teaching one main subject. You will move to their classroom throughout the day to be taught their subject by them.

There will be over 200 pupils in Year 7 when you start at St Illtyd's, with the Head of Year Mr Fleet and Assistant Head of Year Mrs Macintosh to look after you. You will be placed into registration groups, also known as form groups. This will be the class you meet each morning and will be taught in for some subjects. Take a look at our Who's Who page to see more about Mr Fleet, Mrs Macintosh and the Year 7 form tutors.

Take a look at the Subjects page to see a little more about each subject and the topics you will study at St Illtyd's.

If you haven't already, remember to join the Google Classroom where there are some tasks for you to complete before you start at St Illtyd's - you will need to make sure you login with your email for this.