Japanese I

This is where most prospective Mt. Eden Japanese students begin their journey into Japanese language and culture studies. In Japanese I, we explore self-introductions, greetings, classroom expressions, counting, discussing weather, birthdays, and our families and friends. Also, we learn the Japanese kana system: hiragana and katakana followed by a few hundred kanji characters.

Most of our vocabulary and structure practice in Japanese I is found on the following links to Quizlet sets. Use these sets to prepare for your vocabulary quizzes and tests.

1か1 1か2 1か3 1か4 1か5 1か6 1か Review 2か1 2か2 2か3 2か4 2か5 2か6 2か7

2かレビュー 3か1 3か2 Final Exam 1st Semester 3か3 3か4 3か5 3かレビュー 4か1 4か2 4か3

Japanese I Schedule for 2018-2019 School Year

Japanese I Schedule

Japanese I Handouts

In Japanese I, you will need to use the following apps: Edmodo, Class Dojo, Quizlet, Flipgrid and the Infinite Campus Portal.

Edmodo Class Dojo Quizlet Flipgrid Infinite Campus Portal


Japanese I dialogues