What is an infographic?

Visual representation of information.

Our brains like visual representations: take a look at Thirteen Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics (click on the image to view the full infographic)

  • We can comprehend visual information faster
  • Simplify what would otherwise be overwhelming data
  • More engaging and accessible: add a new dimension to the way the data is displayed
  • Easier for people to remember later

From Thirteen Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics

Infographics can be data rich.

Display a lot of data or complex data in a way that is easier to read and understand.

Map of election results for the 2016 presidential election showing the win by Donald J. Trump over Hillary Clinton.

NY Times: Presidential Election Results: Donald J. Trump Wins (Aug. 9, 2017)

Infographics can be simple.

Share simple information in a more engaging way What is an Infographic? Kayla Darling

Not-so-great Example


Where does the flowchart start?

When the reader answers 'Yes' to a question under the "Did I Plagiarize?" bubble, what does that mean?

How easy is the flowchart to read?


The use of color is clear to a U.S. audience: green = all is good, red = danger. The dark red to light yellow color progression is clear as to where an issue falls on the spectrum.

Better Example

Creating a visual impact can help illustrate a simple concept that may be hard to fully understand.


  • Very basic information that is contrary to what most people fear (mosquitos are far more deadly than sharks, wolves, lions and crocodiles combined)
  • The size of the color blocks are clear representations.


  • Text size for upper animals is quite small (Human and Mosquito are much easier to read)

Hubspot & Venngage: How to Create and Use Beautiful Infographics in Your Marketing

Uses & Types of Infographics

Marketing tools--timelines--instructions for how to do something--compare and contrast--data visualization--maps--statistics--informational--process--charts

Timeline/marketing tool ⦿

Informational ⦿

Data Visualization ⦿

Process ⦿

Geographic/interactive infographic ⦿

Hierarchical ⦿

Compare & Contrast⦿

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