Timberwood Middle National Demonstration School

Timberwood Middle School is one of the first schools in the Houston area to receive national demonstration status going on 8 years.

Atascocita's Timberwood Middle School named AVID National Demonstration School

Copy of Copy of AVID Community Video V4_Final.mp4

What is AVID?

Check out this video created by our AVID 8th grade made especially for our incoming 5th graders.

Avid Video For 5th Graders W:O Interviews.mov

If you are interested in joining the AVID elective or have questions, please contact Angela McDaniel at angela.mcdaniel@humbleisd.net. Completion of an application does not guarantee that you will receive the elective. You may also find helpful documents on the student resource page. To apply online fill out the form below.

Timberwood Middle School AVID Teachers

Angela McDaniel

First Period 8th AVID

Second Period 7th AVID

Third Period 8th AVID

Ashley Diosdado

Fourth Period 6th AVID

Fifth Period 6th AVID

Emily Fite

Sixth Period 8th AVID

Seventh Period 7th AVID