ISO - International Student Organization

About ISO

Greetings from ISO, The International Student Organization at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. The ISO was first established in 2003 for the purpose of providing necessary information for exchange and visiting students, so they can truly experience Korean culture, college life and opportunities here at HUFS . We offer a variety of events each semester and are dedicated to promoting globalization and intercultural exchange among HUFS students. We hope you enjoy your life in Korea with us and experience the true meaning of our university motto, Come to HUFS, Meet the World! 

the Public Relationship team

The PR Team promotes ISO through posters, social media, and by managing the ISO jacket. 

“Our PR team promotes ISO and helps announce the diverse programs of ISO, which are a great opportunity for students at HUFS. If you want to know more about ISO, make sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram.” 

The ATTI Team

The ATTI Team organizes events that promote Korean cultural experiences and intercultural exchange.

“Our ATTI team exists because of you. Our first mission is to help you while you are in Seoul. Furthermore, we organize some events for you students, so you can experience Korean culture. Find us whenever you need!”

The Buddy Team

The BUDDY Team manages the BUDDY program, a friend-matching program between Korean and international students. 

“Our Buddy Program is a 1:1 matching program that matches exchange students with Korean students at HUFS. With your buddy, we give you the opportunity to visit various places and make unforgettable memories in Korea.”

The GAT Team

The GAT Team organizes the Give and Take Program, a Language Exchange Program. 

“Our GAT program is a language exchange program to improve students' competitiveness on the world stage. It aims to improve students' overall foreign language skills and expand their knowledge through cultural exchanges.” 


Please refer to the ISO Schedule for details about events hosted by each team. 

Inquiries regarding school life, facilities, academic affairs, etc., and visits from anyone who wants to have a great time with ISO are welcome!

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