Counseling Secretary: Graciela Hernandez

503-844-1900 ext. 41904

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Happy Summer Holidays! // ¡Felices vacaciones de verano!

Counselors will be available at the beginning of next school year. Please contact Principal Claudia Ruf with any questions over the summer.

Your Counseling Team

Laura Perez

10th/12th Last Names A-K

503-844-1900 ext. 41941

Matt Steele

10th/12th Last Names L-Z

503-844-1900 ext. 41945

David McKean

9th/11th Last Names A-K

503-844-1900 ext. 41944

Jason Dortch

9th/11th Last Names L-Z

503-844-1900 ext. 41943

Rebecca Wagner

9th-12th AVID

503-844-1900 ext. 41942

Fernando Colondres

Wellness Counselor

503-844-1900 ext. 62522

Chelsea Pogue

Youth Contact Counselor

503-844-1900 ext. 41946

Graciela Hernandez

Counseling Secretary

503-844-1900 ext. 41904

Vivi Gonzales


503-844-1900 ext. 41907

Whitney Sahlfeld

Career & College Counselor

503-844-1900 ext. 62512

Carolyn Lanthrum

Career & College Secretary

503-844-1900 ext. 62511

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:

The goal of the Glencoe High School Comprehensive Guidance Counseling Program is to provide all students with the necessary knowledge and support to assist them in making decisions about their future, both short-term and long-term.  We believe that all students have a right to achievement that is not predicted by their race, gender, family income, or skill level.

 We Believe:

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