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A note about 8th Grade End-of-the-Year Activities:

 In June, we will be celebrating our 8th graders’ completion of middle school in a number of ways.  At our annual 8th grade awards, the staff will recognize students who demonstrated excellence in a multitude of ways.  Award recipients and their families will be invited to a small ceremony at R.A. Brown on Tuesday, June 4th from 7:00 – 8:00 pm. 

On June 12th from 6:00 – 7:30 all 8th graders and their families are invited to our Celebration Loop.  Families can walk, drive, or ride through the driveway on the south side of the school.  There they can pick up their promotion certificate and will be met by R.A. Brown staff, music and fun as we wish them well on their transition to high school.   


En junio, celebraremos la finalización de la escuela secundaria de nuestros alumnos de octavo grado de varias maneras. En nuestros premios anuales de octavo grado, el personal reconocerá a los estudiantes que demostraron excelencia en multitud de maneras. Los ganadores del premio y sus familias serán invitados a una pequeña ceremonia en el R.A. Brown el martes 4 de junio de 7:00 a 8:00 p.m.

El 12 de junio, de 6:00 a 7:30, todos los estudiantes de 8º grado y sus familias están invitados a nuestro Celebration Loop. Las familias pueden caminar, conducir o viajar en bicicleta por el camino de entrada en el lado sur de la escuela. Allí podrán recoger su certificado de ascenso y serán recibidos por R.A. Personal de Brown, música y diversión, les deseamos lo mejor en su transición a la escuela secundaria.


Current 6th Graders Moving on to BMS for the 2024-2025 School Year!

Forecasting for this group started after Spring Break with BMS counselor visits to all six feeder elementary schools. 

Click on this 6th-to-7th GRADE FORECASTING SLIDE SHOW to learn about classes, fill out applications, and complete your elective course selections.

Los pronósticos para este grupo comenzaron después de las vacaciones de primavera con visitas de consejeros de BMS a las seis escuelas primarias correspondientes.

Haga clic en esta PRESENTACIÓN DE DIAPOSITIVAS DE PRONÓSTICOS DE GRADO del 6.º al 7.º grado para conocer las clases, completar solicitudes y completar sus selecciones de cursos optativos.

7th graders moving on to 8th grade for the 2024-2025 school year!

Forecasting for this group starts in late April in Advisory classes. See the 2024-2025 7th to 8th FORECASTING DAY SLIDES to learn about classes, fill out applications, and complete your elective course selections.

8th graders moving on to Century for the 2024-2025 school year!

Students received information in Advisory All About High School at the end of February. 

Then, in 8th grade math classes, CHS counselors gave a presentation about the electives and how to us the course selection worksheet. Here is the main info page the CHS counselors talked about yesterday. 


Now, incoming Freshman are pretty much done. CHS builds their schedules. CHS will let families know what those will be as well as share other info over the summer. Ms. Gainey will be their counselor all 4 years unless the students are in AVID. AVID students will have Mr. Barry. Those counselors are currently the 12th grade counselors because they loop with the students, so the current 12th grade counselors pick up the new 9th graders. They have a lot of 12th grade responsibilities to complete before they can give their full attention to 9th graders, so you can expect communication from them to ramp up over the summer after the 12th graders have graduated. 

***Schedule Changes***

Reasons to go see your Counselor to request a schedule change:

Schedule changes that Counselors address during the first two weeks of each semester include:

Reasons NOT to request a schedule change: 

PLEASE (Seriously, we're begging you!) do not ask for these types of changes---especially lunch---this is an opportunity for our kiddos to learn flexibility and to understand that secondary and college level schedules change. Also, lunches are tied to 4th period classes, so "switching lunch" isn't a simple change. 


For More Information visit: American School Counselor Association 


Ms. Melanie Tkoch
Counseling Secretary and Registrar

Direct Phone:  503-844-1076

Fax: 503-844-1078

Email: tkochm@hsd.k12.or.us 

Enrolling new students, getting families set up with Parentvue, connecting students with their counselors, resetting student passwords and un-enrolling students are a few of the things I can help with. 



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