Equity in Education Campaign

HSC Learning Center is firmly committed to a sound position on social justice. In the realm of education, we strive to contribute towards that goal by providing more equal access to educational opportunities for students who might not otherwise be afforded such access. HSC actively fundraises on behalf of students who 1. express an interest in studying with us, 2. demonstrate great academic potential and commitment, and 3. demonstrate a financial need.

These scholars may become beneficiaries of the HSC scholarship program or any of HSC's other giving initiatives. Such students may be found throughout our global community and all will be considered regardless of location.

If you wish to be considered for an HSC scholarship, please inform us during your initial consultation. Click here to schedule a consultation.

If you wish to contribute to HSC's "Equity in Education" scholarship fund, assured that your contributions will help an aspiring scholar, please click here.

Click here for updates on our events.