Equipment/Accessory Needs:

Like with any activity, certain accessories are needed for participation and continued success. Below, please find a listing of the accessories every student must obtain for participation in the band program. Accessories relating to care and maintenance of instruments are the responsibility of the student and parent.

Binders: All students must have a black, 1” 3-ring binder with enough clear plastic sheet protectors for all of their music.

Book: All Students need to purchase the book Sound Innovations: Ensemble Development for their instrument.

Stand: Metal folding stand or other type of music stand is necessary for at home practice

Flutes: Handkerchief or other thin cloth for cleaning the inside of flute. Cleaning rod (should be supplied in case).

All woodwind players: are required to purchase and maintain their own reeds. All students should be playing on Vandoren reeds as follows:

Clarinet: Vandoren V12 (sliver box) – size 3 to 3.5

Saxophones : Vandoren traditional (blue box) – 3 to 3.5

Rico reeds are not acceptable!

If a student shows up without a reed and needs to acquire one from the teacher the student will replace the teacher with a new reed of the same size and brand at the next lesson.

Trumpet: Valve Oil and Slide Grease

French Horn: Rotor Oil and Slide Grease

Trombone: Slide-O-Mix and Spray Bottle

Percussion: Vic Firth EP2 Intermediate Education Pack. Please use this link for more information.


All instrument repairs and maintenance will be the responsibility of the student and parents.

Students should consider purchasing a METRONOME and a TUNER. Tuners and metronomes are essential to the advancement of every student’s musical achievement and development. For metronomes there are several popular models in all price ranges by Korg, Seiko, QuikTime, Boss, and several other reputable companies. For tuners there are some models that are inexpensive and work well (the Korg CA-30 is a very good tuner at a reasonable price.) Some companies even make a combination tuner/metronome.