Welcome to the Bradfield Library

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About the Library

The Bradfield Library proudly serves the students, staff and community of John S. Bradfield Elementary in Highland Park ISD. Our mission is to advance literacy and knowledge, inspire curiosity, and strengthen our communities.

Our Collection:

We strive to provide a broad collection of resources that presents varying levels of difficulty, satisfies a wide range of interests, and represents varied points of view. The collection includes fiction books, nonfiction books, audio books, graphic novels, eBooks, reference materials, periodicals, audio visual materials, professional books, and online resources. The materials are intended to support the district curricula, to encourage pleasure reading, to build knowledge, and to represent many ethnic, religious, and cultural groups.

The HPISD libraries serve large populations of students and staff; it is the libraries’ responsibility to provide access to a diverse assortment of materials to meet the needs of its many users. It is recognized that every book in the library will not be relevant for every student.

We encourage readers to practice self-selection skills in determining the best materials to fit their personal interests and needs. Librarians are readily available to provide guidance in the students’ selection process.

how to find us:

Address: 4300 Southern Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75205

Phone: 214-780-3200

Hours: 7:50am-3:30pm Monday-Friday

Twitter & Instagram: @BroncosRead


Students may check out books according to their grade. Kindergarten = 1 book, 1st grade = 2 books, 2nd grade = 2 books, 3rd grade = 3 books, 4th grade = 4 books. All books are checked out for a two-week period and may be renewed as necessary. Parents may check out up to 6 books at a time. Patrons are responsible for paying a $20 replacement fee for lost or damaged books. We do not charge overdue fines.