Drawing people to actively engage with the Word of God by creatively proclaiming Scripture with theological accuracy and artistic excellence

Who are we?

Our purpose is to draw people to actively engage with the Word of God by creatively proclaiming Scripture through performance with theological accuracy and artistic excellence. We are comprised of several teams that each perform a passage of Scripture. Each semester the team recieves a new piece to learn. Through the creativity and careful study of our team members we wind up with pieces around ten minutes long to perform. To find out more about what we do, visit our About Us page here!

Unmuted is a Christian Ministry under the banner of Vessel for the Arts.

Who can participate?

Anyone who has any interest in Scripture or the Performing Arts are welcome! You will be expected to memorize a script (taken from Scripture), and will be anylizing that piece from both a biblical and artistic perspective. There will be a weekly meeting of your team, decided once your team has been assembled.

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I'm Interested! What do I do next?


Please pray for us as we continue to seek The LORD's guidance moving forward in this ministry. Pray for coaches, performers, performance opportunities, and funding.

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