About Unmuted

Who are we?

Our purpose is to draw people to actively engage with the Word of God by creatively proclaiming Scripture through performance with theological accuracy and artistic excellence. We are comprised of several teams that each perform a passage of Scripture. Each semester the team recieves a new piece to learn. Through the creativity and careful study of scripture our team members wind up with pieces around ten minutes long to perform. Unmuted is a Christian Ministry under the banner of Vessel for the Arts.

What can I expect from a performance?

Unmuted's only script is Scripture. We explore every genre in the Bible. From the narrative stories to the epistles to the poetry. But none of it is done with the classic "Beards and Robes", we look to find the artistry that can be pulled out. As such we wind up with some pieces that faithfully tell a biblical story, or others that abstractly walk you through an epistle, interpreting things and translating them to the stage. We use no props or set, but only what the performers can do and create themselves!

Does this sound like something you'd like to be involved in? Learn more about participating here!

Where can I see Unmuted perform?

Unmuted is a traveling troupe, as such we don't have a dedicated performance space. Instead, we come to you! You can invite any of our teams to your church, youth group or get together. You can also watch our facebook page for information on any public performances that you could attend. If you'd like Unmuted to come to your event, you can get more information here!

How can I contact Unmuted?

You can get in contact with Unmuted by e-mailing jwilson@UnmutedArts.org, or by messaging us on Facebook!