LEARNING IN VISUAL ARTS [responsibilities]

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Managing myself

Relating to others

Participating and contributing

Welcome to 10ARP 

During year 10 Art, You will investigate line, value, form, colour, and shape through the theoretical and practical research of established practice.  The outcome of the course will be a series of experimental and resolved artworks [focus studies] that will be used for display.  

Artworks will be photographed and presented as a digital folio [board 1 & 2]* for assessment and as foundation skills required for senior visual arts pathways.


This is ongoing and used during a unit to provide you with informal feedback on your progress.  Summative Assessment will occur at different times through focus studies and is used to measure your overall performance to determine your level of achievement.  Evidence is collected continuously and recorded in your padlet folio, and may contain work done in other subjects such as innovation stream.

General concepts that are used to make an assessment grade:

Students show in their work:

Specific learning objectives and achievement descriptors are provided with each Focus study via google classroom

Year 10 exemplar work

Time in art goes quickly, if you fall behind you are expected to catch-up during your own time.  The classroom will be available to you during school and you are able to take work home.

Lastly and importantly...

*This is not a race to see who finishes first, focus not just on quantity but quality as well. Art is about expression not perfection

•Never be afraid or shy to ask Ms O’Grady for ANYTHING, whether you have no, little or a lot of experience - skill and understanding can always be developed.

Semester 1 units of work 

Drawing and value

Perspective drawing


Semester 2 units of work

Surrealism & printmaking

Pop Art & colour pencil

Creative expression

Mobile Phone Usage Policy for Art, Photography, and Design Classes

Digital Device success 

no apps are Paid for ones - only install free versions!  use QR codes below  to install on your device

A lot of work we do is photographed and uploaded to digital platforms. To make this easier there are some apps that you should install on your phone. Make sure all of these are logged in with your school email 

Please ensure your phone is set to upload images as .Jpg not HEIC [settings/camera/format=most compatible]

Setting up Your Padlet

Padlet will be your online folio of work.  Here you can post photos of all of your work including assessment items and general classwork.

*please ensure you are using GOOD quality photos for your padlet - good even lighting, sharp focus, plain background. 

Padlet/folio Links 2024


Copy of How to Photograph Your 2D & 3D Artwork

Submitting your work on Google classroom