focus study

Monoprinting and Drawing

with thanks to Virtual Art Room for the original concept

self protrait at the age of 13

Established Practice

Albrecht Durer

Durer was a German Renaissance Artist who mastered in printmaking and painting during the 1400's

Animal Drawing with a Printed Background

There are two parts to creating this task which is inspired by Durers life like drawings of animals.

  1. You will need to create a monoprint background of textures and patterns, using your animal as a block out on the paper and

  2. Render a drawing of your animal in the positive space created on your print.

GOALS - to demonstrate what you have learned in this unit

  • observation of line and line quality

  • value and shading

  • texture

PART 1 - create your monoprint

watch the video on the 3 different ways i have experimented to create the background [negative space]. I recommend the 3rd process for best results.

  1. cut out your silhouette and attach it to your page with a little bit of tape on one edge. ensure tape doesnt go into the background space. [check its the right way as per your original photo]

  2. select your textures/stencils and roll ink on them - use a mixture of black and dark blue

  3. Press stencils/texture onto the background in various layers.

  4. repeat again to have 2 different backgrounds.

PART 2 - Drawing

watch the video showing how to draw into your positive space

  1. carefully measure placement of eyes/nose etc using your original photo as a reference. KEEP IT LIGHT UNTIL ITS RIGHT!

  2. shade in light values and build up texture and dark values to give your animal depth and form. Your darkest values should match the monoprint blacks


no dark lines until it looks correct - if you need to erase your drawing too dark!

Student work

photograph your work and turn in on google classroom for marking