Eat It

focus study

Colour Pencil - Food

A popular subject of the Pop Art movement was food! So we are going to be using food as our subject matter to complete a colour pencil study.

You can choose to select a photograph already taken of some lollies or you can do your own photograph [either at home or at school] It is REALLY important to have good natural lighting and a plain background. At school use the small lightboxes to do your photograph.

Here are some Artist examples of food for inspiration [drawings and paintings]

Artist Models

Where are we going?

This task will bring together all the skills we have learnt from line and observation, value and shading. You will demonstrate your skills in this area by photographing food or lollies and drawing from it. Here are some examples of student work for this task

Colour Pencil Lolly Drawing:


MEDIA: colour pencil on grey paper

Print your photo or select one from the provided folder


  1. Use a printed grid over the top and lightly draw your grid on your drawing paper [skip this step if freehand drawing]

  2. lightly sketch in the contour lines of your food/lolly. Erase any dark lines - you should barely be able to see any graphite. FULLY remove any grid lines

  3. start to build up colour with your pencils. Remember to use a range of colours [so red and yellow not just an orange pencil!]

Student examples