Forward-looking energy solutions

Horizon Solar Power is a solar energy development company that provides forward-looking electric power generating, storage and Power Purchase Agreement solutions to electrical Utilities, Municipal Electric Utilities and Electrical Cooperatives (Munis & Co-ops), commercial and industrial business entities (C&I), farms and community organizations (including Community Solar). We specialize in renewable energy generation projects utilizing solar, wind and geothermal power and energy storage.

Solar Energy Development

Horizon Solar Power projects typically utilizes 20 to 80-acre tracts of agricultural land to create regional distributed generation (DG) power generation solutions.

Community Munis and Co-ops, along with community educational institutions, governmental agencies, and commercial customers, no longer have to buy power solely from monopoly utilities and generators. Horizon Solar Power provides innovative opportunities for regional community-based distributed generation, including “net-metered”, and virtual net metered, commercial, and industrial solutions with near-on-site power generation for commercial and industrial businesses.

Energy Storage

Adding energy storage to solar generation projects can provide dramatic positive financial results. Integrating storage with solar allows "dispatchable renewables" that result in low-cost, reliable electrical power generation from renewable energy. Dispatchable solar provides noteworthy reduction in demand-charge (peak-charge) costs, along with significant reliability benefits.


40 acres of solar can provide the yearly power generation needs of approximately 1500 homesteads.