Achieve Supplemental Services

The Holmdel Township Public School Supplemental Programs are academic intervention services that offer a multi-tier approach to identification and support of students with demonstrated learning needs. The goal of the programs is to provide support to students performing below grade level due to gaps in mastery of the foundational skills necessary for meeting grade level expectations.

Supplemental support services include:

  • Achieve Literacy
  • Achieve Multi-sensory Literacy
  • Achieve Mathematics

These programs provide supplemental, research-based, targeted instruction to students in Kindergarten through eighth grade. Support is provided through classroom push-in or small group pull-out or a combination of these to meet individual student learning needs. All instruction supports the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) and district approved curriculum.

Academic supplemental support is provided in 6-8 week cycles. At the end of each cycle, student progress is assessed and service recommendations are made.