About MoonLumen

Imagine falling down a hole filled with all of life’s energy, soaking in it and able to feel and sense it all simultaneously. Slowly some words surface and begin to take shape. A melody develops. A message forms and takes root in your conscious mind. Then, suddenly it has slipped back out of focus. You’re aware that time has elapsed, but have no idea how much. Has it been seconds? Minutes? Hours? Longer?

This is the experience of a MoonLumen song. Repeat a few times, it becomes an album. A concert. A mood. A feeling. A lifestyle.

Little packages of sound full of coded messages and moments of dangerously overt passion.

About a year ago, I took a terrifying step and walked away from my band to face a new challenge.

I had spent years working with the band, and I’m very proud of the things we accomplished. They are still going strong, and they’re a great band. Check out Intra-Venus & the Cosmonauts for info on what they're up to.

While at first I felt lost and aimless, a visit with a dear friend led to deep philosophical conversations, a new focus, and a real sense of self.

Ultimately, my life change has left me feeling great- with the kind of unencumbered freedom that comes with being the sole captain of my destiny. I’ve experienced many things, both good and bad. I can’t say I regret it at all. After spending a year working on music and art of my own, it has been unbelievably gratifying.

I have played a fair number of solo gigs as myself. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a book of lyrics, I discover things about the world and the universe. More of these to come.

My new musical project is called MoonLumen, it’s a project rather than a band. I have nothing but time to create and manipulate my songs and visual pieces. I’m using collaborators and making dreams come true. I have participatory commitments from many of my musical influences, heroes, and people that are well-known in the music business. I’ll be tapping into the talents of some of my favorite creators. There are some live shows in the works, and they promise to be satisfying, gratifying, stimulating. Maybe even a tour.

I’d like you to hear this stuff. It's very important to me.

One thing that happened this last year is that I connected with my muse. A whole bunch of muses, actually. My creative journey has conjoined me with a great deal of external feminine energy. And that connection has reaped rewards in a most unexpected volume.

Put more specifically, MoonLumen will release three albums within the next year.

First, Fragments of Psyche. Release date July 20, 2018. All originals. Celebrating the mindset I’ve been in and the process of gaining momentum on this project. A heavy dose of museology. Response has been very positive.

Next: March, 2019- Rhythmatic Exhibition, a covers album. But not a conventional covers album. These are songs that I’ve released before. Or have been released by my previous bands, peers, friends, and personal influences. Recording is mostly complete, pending legal releases and contracts with the writers and performers.

Third, an album of all new material, Titled The Natural Order of Things. Lots of collaborators. Some really great tunes are going to make it onto this one. Recording is well underway. Still soliciting players and writers to polish off the last few bits. Contact me if you’re interested in helping out.

All of these will be released by Hollow Earth Recordings and distributed worldwide by all the usual channels.

Vanity project? Nope. Therapy project. And this is my life.