The ReACT Players

Robert Adams Middle School Drama 

Welcome to the RAMS Drama Club!

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We're so glad you're interested in being part of our club 

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Mission Statement

 The ReAct players’ mission is to give students the opportunity to learn and grow through theater. We promote diligence, teamwork and professionalism by asking students to be responsible for learning their parts, helping each other when needed and treating each show as an important piece of performance art. Our goals are also social in that we encourage students to join our casts to meet new middle schoolers, participate in a fun after school activity and perform for members of the community. We have succeeded if each child comes away from the show feeling proud of their performance, having learned something new and with many happy memories of their middle school show.

    The ReAct players have a zero tolerance policy for bullying and bad-mouthing fellow cast members. We expect each actor to treat the other as they, themselves would want to be treated – with Respect.

After school rules for 3:30 rehearsals:

Allowed activities are as follows:

Please note the following activities are NOT allowed: