About Us

Hobsonville Point schools sit at the heart of the new Hobsonville Point community. The community is being developed on the old airforce base, with brand new homes, parks, cafes and infrastructure. The schools have been built in anticipation of the growing population and have been designed to meet capacity rolls of 690 (primary) and 1300 (secondary) unlike other schools which have to add buildings as numbers grow. This new approach under the PPP model allows the schools BOT and management to concentrate on teaching and learning, without the headache associated with building maintenance.

The schools are state schools governed by one board of trustees, with a shared vision, mission and values.

The primary school, which opened in February 2013, caters for Year 0-8 students. The secondary school which opened in 2014 will progressively cater for Year 9-13 students, starting with Year 9 students in 2014. Further year levels will be added each year so that the school will have a full range of Year 9-13 students by 2018.

The schools are state-of-the-art and designed, both educationally and architecturally, to meet the needs of modern learners and the requirements of the New Zealand Curriculum. They provide exciting spaces to work in for both staff and students.

Each student has their own individual learning plan that identifies their specific interests, goals, strengths and areas for improvement. This ensures every student receives a stimulating, relevant, integrated and challenging path to success across all areas of the curriculum, as well as in the sporting and cultural life of the schools. There will also be integration between the schools to ensure that transitions between different levels are cohesive so that students’ progress continues smoothly.

The schools are on two separate sites:

Primary - 18 De Havilland Road

Secondary - 70 Hobsonville Point Road

Maurie Abraham is the secondary principal and Daniel Birch the primary.

If you wish to read more about the individual schools, follow the tabs on the homepage.