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If you're using Google Chrome as your browser (you should be), the most common problem we see is related the default user profile. Since it's possible to be logged into Chrome with multiple accounts (like on your parent's computer or tablet) the first user to login is considered the default account. Many Google services will try to use the default account (rather than your HISD account) so you may still get an error message, even if you're correctly logged in to your HISD account -- Go figure. Anyway, here's a simple work around that should work on all versions of Google Chrome:

  1. Click the three dot menu (⋮) in the upper right hand corner of the Chrome window

  2. Select the "New incognito window" option

  3. Go to https://gmail.com

  4. Login using your HISD student email and password

  5. Open a new tab and go to https://learn-at-home.hisd.com

  6. Navigate to the pages giving you problems and try accessing them again

If you're having problems logging in to Google services or need technical assistance with any HISD technology resource, please send an email to support@hisd.com, or send a text to (903) 660-5262, or give us a shout at (903) 668-5999. We'll get back to you as soon as is humanly possible. =)

Dear Hallsville ISD Parents & Guardians,

During our school closure, student learning continues to be a priority in HISD. This site contains a page for each campus. On each campus's page, you will find your child's grade level or courses listed. For each, there will be content that supports the curriculum for the period of time we are closed. On the home page, you can also find links to all of our digital resources as well as instructions on how to access them.

We encourage you to access the information provided and to have your child spend time on the content each day. While this will not fully replace the face-to-face instruction we have to miss, it will help reduce gaps in learning.

Our entire team will make a concerted effort to connect with your child through this distance learning approach for the duration of our school closure. Please email your child's teacher, administrator, or any staff member if you have questions. We are all available to help you!

Students may be required to login with their HISD Google account to access some of these resources. The format for HISD student Google accounts is firstname.middleinitial.lastname@student.hisd.com and their passwords are their three initials plus their student ID number. For example, a student named "Bobby The Bobcat" with a student ID of "12345" would have the email/username "bobby.t.bobcat@student.hisd.com" and their password would be "btb12345"

Links to Hallsville ISD textbook resource portals:

Additional Online Resources