Hillcrest High School

Course Information


Every effort is made to ensure that as many students as possible are able to study a programme of their choice. It is a priority of the school to offer a continuity of courses and to meet student need. Courses which do not attract sufficient students may not run, or may have to be offered with reduced teacher contact hours.

Check this site carefully before completing course selections.

At school you can discuss your choices with:

Careers Centre staff:

Book an appointment through Mrs Milne in the Careers Centre (or send a message through the 'Hillcrest High School Career Centre' Facebook page). Steps 1-3 and the Bulls-Eye questionnaire of the Career Central programme (see below) must be completed before appointments.

Information about tertiary study and employment options can also be obtained from the Careers Centre.

Individual subject teachers:

Teachers will be available for you to talk with one-to-one about their subjects. Check times and places when subject teachers will be available.

Staff at course selection consultation evening:

For Years 10, 11 and 12 students and parents/caregivers from 5pm – 7pm on Thursday 25 August. This evening provides an opportunity for parents and students to discuss courses with teachers.

Your course selection will be done online via the Portal and MUST be completed by FRIDAY 2 SEPTEMBER.