Google G suite support and videos

For videos on Google Classroom see the page with videos for using Classroom

Introducing features in google Docs that other packages do not have such as voice typing, 'explore' for image search and use of a drawing frame to add text boxes and graphics (5 mins)

Naming and organising files in Google Drive using folders and subfolders. (3 mins)

Features of Google Drive. Moving between folders, renaming and searching for files.

5 minutes

Google Docs familiarisation task.pdf

Guide for how to make the most of features in Google docs compared for users with experience of Microsoft Word

How to work with windows in Chrome (2 mins)

There is now a quicker way to get two windows, pull down the tab heading above the address bar and drag it to where you want it and re-size as needed.


Video on how to add audio clips to google slides- lots of advantages for staff and pupils and really easy to do. By Faye Harvey

Use voice typing to help with emails or classroom posts (3 mins)

How to create surveys and quizzes using Google forms (3 mins)

Using Google sheets for recording results in science experiments (4 mins)

More advanced features of Google sheets such as trendlines, error bars and linest. (6 mins)

Tavs Laurie from Inshes Primary school, Google Certified Trainer, take you through how to use screencastify a great Chrome add -on for narrating and recording any screen capture such as Google slides as a a lesson introduction (5mins max with free version)

Google 'Teach from Home' is a new website which provides an excellent overview of the G suite tools and tutorials. If you skip the first row about video conferencing there are some useful examples of using other apps.

Highland Council's digital learning schools hub also has a wide range of resources available

Digitising Past papers using the Keep app to grab text from pdfs

How to use Pixlr X & Canva to edit images & create artwork

Using Canva and Pixlr for image work

How to use Pixlr X and Canva to create Art, Design and Photography projects. These can both be used free on your chromebooks. thanks to Miss Barr in art for sharing this resource.

Chrome remote desktop

Allows you to control a pupil' chromebook if they are completely stuck!