Prof. Tsipy Ivry

Professor Tsipy Ivry,

I am an ethnographer of reproduction, reproductive medicine and biotechnology. My work has included research on prenatal diagnosis within cultures of pregnancy and prenatal care in Japan and Israel, assisted reproduction among deeply religious Jewish communities in Israel, and most recently genomic testing, pregnancy and parenting following the March 11, 2011 disasters in Eastern Japan. Within these projects I seek to understand how kinship ties, spiritual commitments, bodily experiences and moral orders are negotiated at the intersections of biotechnology and cultural politics, how biomedical authorities are produced challenged and transformed, and how these transformations affect nature and culture.

Fields of research

Medical anthropology, anthropology of reproduction, pregnancy, new reproductive technologies, genetic testing, genomic technologies, assisted conception, Japanese Society, Israeli society, cultural competence in Israeli health care, multiculturalism, religion and biomedicine, religious authority, rabbinic Judaism, qualitative research.