Prof. Tally Katz-Gerro

University of Haifa

About me

I am Full Professor in Sociology, specializing in culture, consumption, environment, sustainability and inequality. Since 2017 I serve as co-Editor-in-Chief of the journal Poetics. I am honorary Reader at the University of Manchester and Docent at the University of Turku.

NEW: Culture and the future sustainability of Israeli society

NEW: Smart cities and creativity symposium

NEW: Panel discussion on intersecting crises and sustainability (in Hebrew, min. 24:30)

NEW: Panel discussion on everyday life under Covid

NEW: Blog on cultural consumption under pandemic restrictions in the UK

NEW: Panel discussion on post-corona culture and the arts

Recent funded projects:

  • European inventory of societal values of culture as a basis for inclusive cultural policies in the globalizing world (with a consortium of 9 countries, Horizon 2020 2020-2023);

  • Environmental sustainability in immigrant households (with Sherilyn MacGregor and Catherine Walker, The Leverhulme Trust 2021-2024);

  • The effects of culture and religion on food waste behavior in households (with Ofira Ayalon and Keren Kaplan-Mintz, Israel Science Foundation 2020-2023);

  • The intergenerational transmission of environmental habitus in Israel, Korea, and the United States (with Itay Greenspan and Femida Handy, US-Israel Binational Science Foundation 2015-2018).

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A quick glance at recent research:

Household sustainability in Manchester

Cultural participation in Spain

The profile of visitors at cultural sites in Europe