Heritage International School

Distance Learning Plan

DLP 2020-2021

Heritage International School's Distance Learning Plan describes how we will ensure that learning continues in the event of a weather-related, health-related, or other disruptive school closure. The objective is for Heritage International School to continue to provide an effective education for students within 24 hours of an emergency in both the short and long-term. The Distance Learning Plan (DLP) describes our approach to distance learning; the channels we will use for communication; the technology systems we will employ by division; guidelines for how parents/guardians can support their children’s learning; and considerations tailored to make the best of challenging circumstances. This plan is the product of collaboration with colleagues at our school and at other international schools around the world. Please select the Learning Experience page to proceed.

Alert and Notification Procedures

The mechanisms utilized to communicate emergency information among faculty, staff, students, and visitors will incorporate a variety of communication channels. The sharing of information in the event of a school closure currently proceeds as follows:

Email from School Director to all community members including start date for plan.

SMS alert to all community members.

Signs posted on all main access points to campus.

We have moved to our Distance Learning Classes for grades 1-10 starting Monday, March 22,2021. As we prepare for this transition, students need to understand that the expectations for remote instruction are the same as if they were at school and must practice “netiquette” (Internet etiquette). This is the use of good manners in online communications such as email, forums, blogs, and social networking sites.Families should know that when students log into their school Google account, they are logging into our school’s network. That means our internet content filters apply, and student internet activity is monitored. Students' Heritage emails belong to the school - they are not to be used for private matters, but only for educational purposes at Heritage International School. Each student is expected to upload a school appropriate picture. If students are in situation when parents do not allow them to have a profile picture of themselves online, from security reasons, the school needs to be informed by the parents in written form.

Under no circumstances is a student allowed to share the Heritage email credentials to anyone. This is a breach of online safety and the school's Behaviour Code (available on our site) will be applied and measures taken accordingly.

In using Google Classroom, Gmail, Google Meet, or any other online tools, we expect students to be respectful of their teachers and classmates.This includes:

  • Respectful behavior and language

  • Appropriate topic discussions

  • Appropriate video transmissions

  • Appropriate icon, emoji, and avatar submissions

  • Academic integrity and only submitting original work

  • Not recording or capturing video or still images that are altered, used in inappropriate ways, or posted to social media or other platforms

  • Specific Expectations Virtual Teacher/Student MeetingsGoogle Meet: This is a video conferencing app that allows participants to see and hear the teacher and other students in a group setting. The group can also view presentations and other documents from the teacher or other students. Younger students might need parent assistance in using this service or app (if using a mobile device). Teachers will:

  • Communicate participant expectations for virtual meetings

  • Instruct students on muting their mic and turning off their cameras.

Note: The expectation for engaging, interactive online learning is to see one another in (virtual) class. Turning off the camera may be useful if bandwidth becomes an issue and you experience skipping during the online session. Otherwise, each student MUST have their camera on, if asked by their teacher. Cameras must be always ON while taking tests online.

      • Instruct students on video protocol.

The Video Protocol for ALL students:

    • A plain or appropriate background

    • A space that avoids others in the background unless a parent has been invited to join the lesson for a special event (pre-arranged)

    • School appropriate dress

    • Teachers will use video conferencing for remote learning at all times (during regular school hours); if exceptions appear and students have asynchronous tasks, this will be announced in advance.

  • Students with online access will:

    • Follow netiquette rules listed above

    • Dress school-appropriate

    • Keep mic muted, except when speaking

    • Find a quiet space to have online lessons in

    • Attend remote learning sessions as scheduled

    • Respect the school Netiquette when working in separate teams, breakout rooms, Jamboards, or other digital platforms.

We are excited to continue to provide an amazing education for your child. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about our distance learning classes.