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Spanish Panic: Señor Finally Uses His Powers on a Student in his Classroom

(The following is satirical fiction)

For years now, many have wondered when Mr. Manigrasso, popularly known as Señor, would finally reveal his full power level. I for one have long hypothesized that his head absorbed energy from the Sun, and turned it into thermal energy stored in the form of light. A couple years ago, when Mr. Manigrasso grew out his beard, some believed that it was because he had absorbed too much energy, and had used the surplus to overnight grow out the manliest facial hair in the school.

Things came to a head in an AP Spanish IV/V class the other day when Mr. Manigrasso telepathically tranformed the mind of a student in class. While the location is unidentifiable, witnesses say that before this, Mr. Manigrasso had apparently mumbled under his breath about how the now-transformed student was flipping their pen. Shortly thereafter, he looked upon them with eyes described by one student as those, “of an Old Testament God”.

“‘I said no more pen-flipping!’, the almighty Sen thundered (as witnessed by another student who was willing to talk with The Echo). The same source later said, “His eyes started to glow, as did his head as he powered up." He then proceeded to channel the solar energy that he’s been absorbing for years now through his forehead, and it entered into the brain of the offending pupil. Afterwards, the child put his pen away and said, "I am ready to learn, Sen."

“It was truly amazing to see such a demonstration of raw Elder God power," said Joseph Hackett, the one student willing to speak to us without the condition of anonymity.

As of now, there are no plans to reprimand this Avatar of the Sun God, presumably due to an ethical debate over whether any harm was actually done. This is also perhaps why only three students dared to speak to us, and two of them under the guise of anonymity. When asked, all Mr. Manigrasso has to say is that, “I didn’t mean to. I didn’t realize the power of the Spanish gods”.

-Nick Donahue, senior