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Music plays a huge role in Henry Hudson Regional School. The school provides a multitude of opportunities for the students here to get involved with music, whether it be through concert band, jazz band, pep band, choir, theatre, or Tri-M. Tri-M is a music honors society here at Henry Hudson. Tri-M allows kids to advocate for music and bring their ideas to the school. We sat down with Mr. Starr, the director of the music program, and asked him some questions about the music honors society.

According to Mr. Starr, “The purpose of Tri-M is to support music advocacy in the school, and in the surrounding community,”. Tri-M has donated to many charities in the past few years, such as the SPCA and the Save the Music Program. In the school, they try to make the band the best it can be. They offer music lessons to younger students and they hold fundraisers for the band program. As stated by Mr. Starr, although the program is relatively new, Tri-M hasn’t had much standard set of what they need to accomplish. The students have lots of great ideas and are working hard to achieve them. “This year so far, we’ve been doing a really good job of staying organized and staying on top of our goals.”

Of course, Tri-M wouldn’t be what it is without its members. This years Tri-M members include, Niamh Sherlock, Sarah Sweeney, Connor Hackett, Gabriela Cervantes, Alexis Soriano, Ralph D’Antonio, and the newly inducted members, Rebecca Bertekap, Marlo Laura, Jordan Lombardi, and Maeve Sherlock. When selecting members for Tri-M, Mr. Starr looks for specific qualities in the candidates, “They need to have passion for music. They don’t necessarily need to be the strongest on their instrument, but they need to care about getting better. We look for strong character, leadership skills, and a willingness to go beyond the minimum requirements,”. Mr. Starr has lots of hope with this years members and expects to accomplish great things. Tri-M has already come up with lots of great ideas and goals they hope to achieve this year, “We want to have some kind of music festival where different groups can come and perform. We also hope to do more with music in our school month in March, as well as try to get more students comfortable to come after school for lessons and help,”. Mr. Starr hopes the members of Tri-M “...Stay responsible with their tasks, be open to new ideas, and get out of their comfort zone to improve,”. He believes these factors will contribute to a successful year with Tri-M.

Why is music advocacy so important? When asked this question, Mr. Starr explained the following: “Music is a fundamental artform, it’s pretty much everything. Fortunately not our school, but there are schools in the surrounding areas and across the country that are closing their music programs, and we need to make sure we hold onto that. And by having a strong music program it makes our school a better place,”. Mr. Starr and the members of Tri-M believe it’s important to support and keep the music program going, because music is an artform that is vital in many people’s lives. Luckily our music program is heavily supported at Henry Hudson, but other schools as close as Keyport have cut down or completely got rid of their music programs. Tri-M is here to make sure our music program continues to support and be supported.

Along with all the other music programs we have at Henry Hudson, Tri-M hopes for a successful year in promoting music advocacy across the school. Ultimately, with all the ideas from the members, and the support from the students and faculty, Tri-M should be able to accomplish their goals for this year.

-Marlo Laura and Lauren McCahon, Freshmen

Sailing at HHRS?

High school sailing is an upcoming sport for students at HHRS. The students race sailboats as a team against other high schools in the Monmouth County area. However, due to it's recent interest level, it is not "officially" considered a Hudson sport at this time. Hopefully that will be changing in the very near future. The more interest in sailing shown from students, the more likely it is to become an official HHRS sport.

As of now the transportation is a carpool with the help of the sailing parents. Every Monday and Friday, there is sailing practice at Shrewsbury Sailing and Yacht Club (SSYC) and every Wednesday there is a Regatta (race) at Toms River Yacht Club. Each boat requires two people, a skipper, and a crew. One of the main problems faced is getting new sailors accustomed to the boat and how it operates. In Atlantic Highlands, there are sailing camps during the summer for kids of all ages. This is where all of the sailing team has learned their individual skills in sailing. If this becomes a school sport, it will be better for both the school and the team. Adding another sport to our extracurricular activity list here could give students more opportunities. As for the team, we will have buses for travel and equipment for the team, as well as an official school to sail for.

I was able to interview one current sailor, Tobin Mytnick in the freshmen class on his experience with the sport so far.

Q: How do you like sailing so far this year?

A: It's really fun. I've learned so much about boats, the water, and get to spend a lot of quality time with my friends.

Q: What aspects could be improved to make sailing an all around better experience?

A: A bus. It would be nice so that the parents wouldn’t have to run around.

Q: Do you think sailing should become a school sport here at HHRS?

A: Yes, because its a school sport in other schools. It's so much fun and a great way to stay in shape and learn about boating.

-Gavin Sapio, Freshman