Selecting a cat

We currently have four main foster programs:

  • adoption advocate (for adoption-ready cats)
  • maternity ward (for neonatal kittens or moms with kittens)
  • recovery ward (for short-term medical and behavior cases)
  • angels on earth (for hospice and long-term medical cases)

How to choose the right cat

Choosing a foster cat is like choosing a roommate. You never know what it will truly be like until they're in your home, stealing your food from the fridge. But our goal is to help you find the right type of foster cat based on your lifestyle, schedule and skill set. We want both you and your foster cat to succeed (and maybe even renew your rental agreement).

Here are some things to think about when choosing which program is right for you:

  • How much time do you have?
  • Do you have other pets (or humans) at home?
  • What is your home set-up like?
  • What experience or skills do you already have or are willing to learn?

Read more about each program below and which cats we currently have at our sanctuary that are eligible to participate!

Cats in need of a foster home

Adoption advocate

You're a salesperson at heart. A cat salesperson, to be precise. Nothing pleases you more than convincing other people how awesome a cat is. So what if your phone and Instagram are filled to the brim with cat photos? What else is there to photograph?

And these cats are ready to find their forever home - but they're not so good at marketing. (No thumbs make social media posts tricky.) Yeah, they like people. They've set up their dating profile and are on the prowl. They just need a little help from you to find the perfect match. They need your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/blogging skills. Like, yesterday.

If you are able to foster one of these adoptable cats, email to schedule a pick-up appointment and to learn more about this opportunity!

REYNOLDS - 2.5 year old neutered male. Shy at first, but healthy & ready to hang out!

MARCO - 5.5 year old neutered male. Curious and silly.

May is a fun girl who loves petting and attention (and plenty of catnip). She can share space with other cats, but does like to be the queen, if possible.

May is adoptable, as well as eligible for foster care!

Maternity ward

Ah, the miracle of life. You find nothing more rewarding than raising a few wee ones until they're all grown up and ready to leave the nest. And what could be more stress-relieving than napping in a pile of kittens? But you also know it's a fair amount of work (with or without a momma cat to help). These kittens need to be weighed daily and taken for their vaccines like clockwork. You take kitten-raising seriously and are ready to give them extra-special care when they need it. (But it's okay, because you spend the rest of the time kissing their tiny bellies.) We get it; we're cat people, too.

To foster a family similar to the ones below, email

This foster program is seasonal - typically from March through November.

(MW4) Mom and six kittens

(MW3) Mom and four kittens

(MW1) Mom and six kittens (shy mom)

Recovery ward

You love transformation. You know you can take a scrappy-looking cat and turn them into an aristocat. These make-overs may take a little time and some help from the veterinarian, but the before and after photos will be worth it. Whether it's clearing a skin infection, supporting a surgical recovery, or curing a bad case of the kitty flu, you're up for the challenge.

To offer your home as a recovery ward for one of these cats, email

Angels on earth (long-term foster)

You're the type of person who gravitates toward the most-in-need. You love bucket lists. You want nothing more than to give an old or ailing cat the time of their life - or at least a comfy place to chill out and be loved. You agree that quality of life is far more important than quantity. And even though it will be hard to say goodbye, it will be worth it to see how happy that cat was in your home.

If you're able to provide hospice care for one of our sanctuary residents, please email and let us know which cat you'd like to love and pamper.

CANDY - I'm not old (only 7 months!), but I have a major heart defect. It doesn't require any medication and I'm a super sweet and loving girl. You should know that my condition will eventually get worse, and know one knows my exact life expectancy. I don't mind though - I'd love to hang out with you for as long as possible!