Mrs Van Dongen's Grade 2 Class


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A Glance at the Week


Tuesday- gym

Wednesday- library, gym

Thursday -


Important Dates Coming Up

Fun Fair- June 1st starting at 5:30

Be apart of Pilgrim Wood Teams and Clubs!

There are a lot of clubs and teams to be apart of at Pilgrim Wood School. Make a difference and meet new people! Listed below are some of the clubs and teams that are available to the Grade 2 students.

Mondays- 2nd break Primary Choir

Tuesdays- Me 2 We Grades 1-8. First part of second break. Room 118

Wednesday 1st break- Zumba , primary book club

Thursday 2nd break- Yoga

Friday- Dreambox 2nd break

A Note from the Teacher

Hello parents and students! My name is Mrs Van Dongen and I am so excited to be teaching the grade 2 gifted class this year! We are going to have a wonderful year together.

As your child's teacher it is important you know a little bit about myself. I used to teach kindergarten and while I loved every second of teaching the little ones- I found another passion and that was teaching the gifted program. While completely different they are much the same. I will be listening and observing what students know, what they are interested in and finding fun ways to have them learn more about the world around them. We will be exploring much of the world around us through literacy and math and fostering an environment where student curiosity is encouraged. I strongly believe in the importance of teaching and modelling positive social interactions, which is why we spend lots of time with self-regulation, Tribes and Kelso's choices.

I am thrilled to be back at Pilgrim Wood as it truly is a great community and I hope you make it feel like home too- ask questions, get involved and visit often! Last year I was off on maternity leave with my daughter Adrie and just like she is in good hands at daycare I promise to treat your children like my own and always have their best interest at heart!

I look forward to the great times ahead and I am excited to meet all of you!


Mrs Van Dongen