Passion Projects

Many thanks to all our students and families who cultivated kindness in our local community!

We hope you enjoy our projects!

Kindness Passion Projects - 2018

Morning Session

911 Fun by Danica
The Kindness Basket by Samantha
Sweet Treats When You Work The Streets by Kohen
Sweet Smiles for Neighbors by Emma
Spreading Joy with Brownies and Starbucks by Ethan
Super Doughnuts for Bus Drivers
Shine with Kindness by Kevin
Sharing Joy with Neighbors by Lauren
Rescue Station Surprise by Jacob
Nice Treats for Nurses by Autumn
Play with a Smile by Isabella
Plant Kindness by Nelson
Play Ball by Jayson
Passion for Policeman by Hunter
Jump Start to Kindergarten by Mackenzie
Kindness Waiting to be Found by Junior
Blessing Boomerang by Ava
Neighborly Kindness by Joslynn
Helping the Shelter by J.R.
Cookie Kindness by Leah
Homeless Blessings by Jaidyn

Kindness Passion Projects - 2018

Afternoon Session

Kindness Carryout by Sydney
You Can Help, Too by Tiffany
Sweet and Sour Kindness by Kerrigan
Wake Up Before You Go Go by Kydasia
The Grand Dog Park Surprise by Samantha
Saying Thanks to Station 6 by Marissa
Shelter Love by Bethany
Care For Bark by Delilah
Happy Paws by Lilli
TDC Cupcakes by London
Helpful For All by Kalyn
Kindness Blooms by Kaeli
Daycare Smiles by Maya
Hope for Paws and People by Jayden
Healing Toys for Hurting Animals by Jaylin
Basket Full of Joy by Mackenzie
A Heart of Helpfulness by Brooke
Basket of Joy by Avery

Kindness Passion Projects - 2017