Signal Mountain Personal Project

The completion of a personal project over the course of the tenth grade year serves as the culminating experience of your journey in the Middle Years Programme. This project will give you the opportunity to apply the skills that you have been developing since the day you enrolled at SMMHS. It also gives you the freedom to choose a project that is personally interesting to you.

The project will be conducted virtually this year so that ALL sophomores, no matter if students are "HCS@Home" or if we are in phase 1, will be able to complete a project. All supervisor meetings can be completed virtually through email, Zoom, phone calls, or other virtual platforms. All documents and slideshow sessions will be posted on this website. You will all upload your work on ManageBac. If you have questions or concerns about completing your project remotely, contact Mrs. Bouldin (

Watch a round table discussion with a few of last year's sophomores who did awesome projects!


Personal Project allows students to participate in self-directed inquiry within a global context; generate creative new insights and develop deeper understandings through investigation; demonstrate the skills required to complete an extended project; communicate effectively in a variety of situations; demonstrate responsible action; and appreciate the process of learning.


Completion of the Personal Project will allow students to have a strong talking point with college admissions counselors; provide material for your teachers as they write recommendation letters for college; have more class choice in eleventh and twelfth grade; and have an accomplishment that can set you apart from other students.


Students will choose a topic to investigate. This investigation will result in a specific outcome or product. Students will record their process and reflect on learning in a process journal throughout the process. Students will then report the Personal Project through a written paper or other format.