ESOL Teaching Resources to Promote Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

This site provides a thoughtfully curated collection of resources selected to support teachers of adult English learners in integrating rich and diverse materials into their curriculum and instruction. It includes an array of relevant topics reflecting the concerns of marginalized communities, with many texts authored or produced by members of historically excluded groups.

SITE ORGANIZATION: Resources are sorted into sources for ADEI images, a collection of curricular themes relevant to adult English learners (listed in the TOPICS tab), and a final hub of additional curriculum planning resources, which each offer additional collections of lessons, texts and complementary materials.

HELP US GROW THE LIBRARY! We would like to continue growing this library for educators in the field, and greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions. If you have recommendations of additional resources to add to this site, please let us know! Of particular interest would be additional recommendations for culturally responsive resources related to financial literacy, health literacy, and workplace preparation.

CONTACT US: If you have suggestions or feedback, please reach out to Laura Porter, Program Coordinator at the SABES ESOL Curriculum & Instruction Center.