HBBS Costumes

Hastings Bonfire Costumes
and ordering a stripey jumper

Our colours are horizontal stripes in cinque port colours -, Red. Blue ,Gold


            HBBS  Costume



 “The Stripes” This is our main costume, central to the Sussex Bonfire Tradition and leads the society in all processions.




Any other costumes  march last, behind the Stripes  in all processions



Customs Officers

A customs’ officer costume is worn by long serving & senior members of the society - currently the  President, Vice-Presidents, current and ex-chairs. Customs Officers may walk in any position in the procession.





Not acceptable at any time: items of clothing that are clearly flammable and a risk, wellingtons, modern every day clothing, branding & logos, blue jeans.


If you are uncertain about your costume please ask. See what other members are wear and/or check our website photos. Procession marshals are appointed to uphold consistency in the ranks. These are your “go to” people.


Face Paint

Historically Bonfire societies disguised their faces with soot to keep  their anonymity; if you choose to do this, it should be applied smudged/sooty to avoid racist connotations. Overly complex facepaint designs, such as those worn by drumming groups , or Hallowe’en style designs, are not in keeping with the tradition of Bonfire and should be avoided.





Badges and armbands


Fabrics information




Order a stripey jumper

Kintting Pattern

To order a jumper please speak to or email our Membership Secretary, Sue, via email on membership@hbbs.info to enquire about placing an order.  Include your A, B, C, D measurements on the diagram on the right  ->

We recommend allowing for wearing something warm underneath, so consider ordering a size larger than you would normally take.  Use another jumper to take the measurements. 

Please order well in advance of bonfire season.   

Jumper measurements needed

Smugglers jumper details

If you wish to knit your own jumper the old pattern can be found here, but be warned that this is a raglan jumper - not what our members use.  We're trying to get a new pattern defined.  Also please be advised that the stated wool manufacturer is no longer operating so choose colours with care.  We currently have no good information to offer on getting the right wool in the right colours and no information about how much of each colour is needed.  Sorry!    Here's the old pattern details we have... but be warned that this is a Raglan style jumper pattern


Knit in double wool.

Colours are RED BLUE GOLD repeat. Broad stripes.

Collar is blue - the ribbing (hem, cuffs, neck) should always in blue then red gold blue from the bottom.  (If your jumper stripes are in a different order, or  the collar is red or gold it is fine so long as you have the three colours in broad stripes :)

Sleeve join can be straight or sloped (raglan, but not usual in our society)

Raglan style - an alternative option but not our normal HBBS style